Wonderful Weekend


Do weekends get any better than stuffing your face with food in the company of friends? Not in my mind. I have to thank Daniel B. for his various food tours, where I got to meet a rather cool couple. They invited us over for a day filled with smoked meats and homebrew. Yum.

This duck was smoked to perfection. The laquer glaze, the tender, smoky meat. I can’t wait to have a proper smoker setup. So good.

This beef chuck roast sat underneath the duck, bathing in its fat drippins. Needless to say, it was fucking amazing. Tender, smoky beef. No leftovers.

Smoked lamb sausages and smoked Italian sausages. I’m pretty sure you can smoke anything and it comes out tasting a-freaking-mazing.

Platter o’happiness! Some beans on the left, & some chard with meat on the right. Oh, so good. So. So good. I think I’m going back into my food coma just looking at these pics again.

The homebrew was tasty, too! I learned a bunch of tips & tricks for my own upcoming adventure in home brewing.

The next day Albany John & I went out to Grafton Lakes State Park with some friends and one of my favorite furry friends. Goodness, this is one perfect dog.

Sad, it was a bit chilly up until 1 PM at Grafton. Darn, summer is starting to come to a close. Sadface.

Red quinoa with ground bison & scallions.

Yellow quinoa with eggplant, GARBANZOS (my love), and summer squash. Nom.

I tried making my awesome brownies the night before, but found out the texture is really weird when you sub ground flax seed for eggs because it’s 11 PM and you just realized you ran out of eggs. Dang. Thankfully my girlie saved the day with these granola-y peanut butter cookies. I ate a whole tub myself.

Then we ran into another friend, hiked around the lake and lounged in the sun, and ate fried chicken and pie that my other friend brought. TWO LUNCHES, YEAH! Weekends like this make me love life and everyone/food/thing in it.

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