NYS Fair


I went to the NYS Fair out in Syracuse this past weekend. It was a bit of a drive from Albany, but well worth a day trip out. The NYS Fair was nice enough to provide me with some tickets to check it out, but there is so much to do and see it is well worth the $10 per day to enter.







A booth on New York state apples. Yay!



Go NYS Farms!


There was a section about New York State farms and supporting agriculture in NYS. While my family has had most of their farms in New Jersey, we are still proud farming stock and I quite enjoyed this exhibit of NY endorsing smaller-scale farms.

Then I lost Albany John and wandered around the winning flowers. Here are some of my favorites:



They were all just sitting on tables and I was surprised that no one had mucked with them.



The Cornell Cooperative Extension had a display on hops grown in the New York, and even had a bunch of different kinds of hops you could smell. Nice!




Different kinds of grains grown in NY State, corn, and some different kinds of cow chow.

Then I found some cute table top setups:



Albany John had found the HP Hood potato bar booth, where you could snag a potato and fixin’s for $1. Not bad! I had packed a few sandwiches to eat throughout the day, so pretty much every shot Albany John took of me was of me eating sandwiches.




Wine slushies were a big hit on this hot & sunny day.




I can’t resist a good anthropomorphic pig touting its own deliciousness.







Can’t beat $2 PBRs on draft, pretty much all over the fair. Ahh, refreshing.

We spent a bunch of time walking around checking out the sites – so much great people watching!



Albany John found a very willing model to pose for him. Seriously, this peacock was all about preening and making faces for the camera.



I need a tye dye chicken. All of the animals on display were in very good condition – none of them seemed stressed out and they largely ignored the crowds. I feel like there was a very high level of  concern regarding the animal welfare at the NYS Fair.



Many of the animals were also available for sale.




This bunny is doing the roast duck. Because his legs look like a hanging roast duck. It’s so cute when animals stick their legs out!



There was a guy doing metal work, too – so neat! Although the fumes in the building were a bit overwhelming.




Reppin’ a little bit of Albany with a cutter sled from the 1800s. Go Albany!

The NYS fair had a bunch of free exhibits, too! One of my favorites was the petting zoo. It cost money to feed the animals, but going in and seeing them was completely free. I loved it! I bought a bunch of food to feed the animals and insisted Albany John take at least 80billion photos of me with each animal. Again, these animals all had a lot of space and generally seemed in a good disposition. I really liked how well-cared for the animals were at this fair.
I look forward to the NYS Fair next year – Syracuse is a good location for it. There was plenty of parking (they shuttle you from the lot to the grounds, which is very quick and close), virtually no traffic, and so much space on the fairgrounds to walk around and take in the sights.

  1. llcwine said:

    It’s a shame they were selling PBR at the NYS fair….should have been Genny, or Utica Club….oh well…glad you enjoyed

  2. I can’t believe you packed sandwiches… it’s a fair! And it’s the best fair when it comes to awesome fair foods! I’d never pass up fried dough/cheese curds/giant eclairs/spiedies/coneys/sausage-and-peppers/ice cream/etc. for a packed sandwich.

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