Wine + Food and Fall Ferrari Fest 2012

The Saratoga Wine & Food and Fall Ferrari Festival is this weekend. I’ll be covering it for the third year in a row and am looking forward yet another delicious weekend in Saratoga.

The entire weekend’s schedule is available here. I’ll pretty much be living at SPAC all day Saturday live tweeting just about everything that goes in my mouth. Hope to see you there!

If there is one event I suggest you go to, it’s the Grand Tasting from 1-5 pm. You get 4 hours filled with food and beverage tastings, and you can go to as many booths as you like and get as many samples as you like. The restaurants bring their A game and put a lot of care into the preparation. The wineries will let you do flight tastings of their wines for comparison and are usually quite eager to tell you more about their products (and not just in a “we’re great, so buy a bottle!” kind of way).

If you’re lucky, one of your friends will DD for you, or you’ll get a cab back home/to your hotel.

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