I went to Bacchus (32 2nd St, Troy, NY 12180) with my sib-in-laws last Friday night for dinner. It’d been a while since I’d been, and I remember my initial impression wasn’t the greatest. I am very happy I returned (their restaurant week menu was a pretty big pull), because we had a great time. We ordered the shrimp & artichoke appetizer. This was something like $6, and well worth it. Fresh wood-fired bread, and a big bowl of deliciousness.

My brother-in-law went with a pizza with jalapenos, chicken, & onions. He really liked it, and even said it was pretty spicy.

My sis-in-law Maka went with a design-your-own pasta with tri-color spirals & some red pepper cream sauce.

Albany John and I both got their restaurant week menu, which was $10 for a margherita pizza & a glass of wine or beer. I went with a glass of Malbec, Albany John got a glass of beer. They’ve got a nice selection of beers on tap – something close to a dozen, and all priced fairly, mostly in the $5-7 range. This Neapolitan-style pizza was awesome! A thin, flavorful crust with bubbles & char. No sogginess. I’ll definitely be back for more pizza and drinks in the future.

Bacchus strikes me as a nice place to catch up with friends or take a date. It’s a basement restaurant, so it’s got a cozy vibe with the exposed brick walls and low lighting.

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