I Haz Beer!

My beer is complete! My beer has sat in my friends’ basement for 2 weeks and my Irish Red is now a bouncing baby beer! (Here’s the first steps of homebrew)

I did a single fermentation. This was so easy! The bottling process was easier than I thought, the most difficult step I thought would be sterilizing, but luckily my pals let me mooch off of their dish washer which has a sterilization setting.

Folks, meet Seamus. He’s is a little molasses-y right now, but overall it everyone was fairly happy with him. I’m hoping the molasses fades a bit with time, but overall it tastes like an Irish Red.
A group of tasters agreed it was better than Killians, decent for beer in general, and a good job for a first attempt at homebrewing. This was a nice starter beer & I’m happy it turned out so well & was so well received. I had anticipated a poor product, mainly since this was my first attempt, but the kit made it pretty straightforward.

I’m not quite sure what the ABV was since I didn’t test it before I added the sugar to ferment it, and it was reading at 3% after I opened a bottle. Based on the panel of willing testers, this may have been higher than 3%. I’ll nerd out on the next homebrew, this was just a “Can I do this without creating an unfortunate science project in a bucket?” and since the answer to that appears to be “yes” I will try to nerd out on my next round.

Also, if you’re looking for bottles, you can try a beverage center, they may give you their returned bottles for the $0.05 bottle deposit fee. Prior to this my panel of tasters did their best to empty a case of 22 oz Beck’s, which are non-twisty bottles.

  1. I recommend not using green bottles since they allow light in which will skunk up the beer. Brown bottles keep out the most light.

    3% ABV seems awfully low for an Irish Red. Did the kit directions have an estimated ABV written anywhere? I’m betting it’s closer to 4.5 – 5.5%

    Did you boil dextrose and add it to the wort prior to bottling? Are the bottles carbonated yet? Are they producing head? You want to bottle condition the beer at room temperature for a week or two.

    Killians isn’t REALLY an Irish Red, it’s just an amber lager not unlike Yeungling. Coors just calls it an Irish Red. It’s actually based on an actual Irish beer that they bought the rights to.

    I look forward to more updates on this 😉

  2. Haha, Niiice! I remember my first batch of homebrew. I’m glad it came out good and you enjoy the rewards of homebrewing yo!

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