Maker Faire

Hey, look at that – I went to Maker Faire with Garnish Marketing last month. Overall I thought it was a fun road trip and a worthwhile event, although it might just not be for me because there were so many people there and I’m weird about groups of people. It was easy to get lost in the crowd and wander, though.

The Maker Faire was at the NY Hall of Science in Forest Hills. As we were walking in, Albany John and I walked by a cart selling meats on sticks. Yes, please. Although a bit much at $4 each. But food inside the event was so expensive (and the lines crazy-long), I was glad we ate something before going in.

A lot of the Maker Faire displays are geared to the techie folk, but there was also some interesting stuff for us non-technical folk to peep. I liked this display for Compsi-Mold.

After we had seen enough we headed over to Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria, where they were having an Oktoberfest celebration going on. I thought the prices were a bit on the high side, but hey, that’s NYC pricing for you. The onion rings were $6, oily and oddly sweet. Sadface. The beers were cheap & plentiful, though!

The next day we headed out and stopped by my family in Flushing for dim sum. I got to see Yeh-Yeh and eat har cheung. Good trip.

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