Sammich Competition

Some of my friends had a fun sandwich making competition. I got to eat all of the sandwiches. ALL OF THEM. I love these people.

Turkey, bacon, red pepper hummus, vegetation on rye swirl bread. Yum.

Sweet apple & onion turkey panini.

A simple English inspired cucumber & cheese sandwich.

The sandwich that stole my vote (but missed winning by just a few points) – a breakfast sandwich with waffles as the bread, eggs over easy, bacon, and maple syrup.

A puddle of heart attack. So good.

Banh Mi-inspired sandwich (and kosher to boot!) of mini meatballs with the cuuuutest garnishing. This overcame the adversity of not containing bacon to win Best Sandwich because of its awesome flavor, texture, and presentation.

Winner of the most hate-fueled sandwich category. Bacon, olives, and cottage cheese on pumpernickel toast. My fellow judges and I had a few questions with this one. Like, “Why? Oh, WHY?!” and “What did we do to deserve this?”.

I followed up the round of sandwiching by splitting another delicious breakfast sandwich with one of my fellow judges.

  1. phairhead said:

    Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

  2. ravioliollie said:

    Get some photo taking lessons, your photos are terrible.

  3. Mr. Sunshine said:

    Agree with raioliollie.

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