The Tuna of Chianti

Friends, I ask that you help my Fussy comrade win a chance to nab $3000 and continued fame and such in the area.

Daniel B. has a dish in the running for Bellini’s Calling All Cooks 2012 competition. I can vouch for the tastiness of His Tuscan braised pork with white beans and Shaved red cabbage, as he had me over last weekend to taste test it for competition worthiness. It is worthy. Vote here.

It’s a pork shoulder that was slowly cooked while submerged in olive oil. It is a dreamy dish that is full of savory flavor and comes out so tender. The beans he cooked in some kind of concoction with a parm rind & the cabbage is a nice crunchy and vegetal contrast.

  1. Thank you for your support. I’m thrilled to say that as of right now the Tonno del Chianti has cracked the top five. But there are some other dishes that are nipping at its heels. So every like is still important, and every share helps to ensure a spot in the finals.

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