Flores Family Restaurant

I went to Flores Family Restaurant in Schenectady for a super-late lunch one day. They only open at 3 PM on weekdays, hence the late lunch. Traffic was not on our side that day, sadly, but we were rewarded with pupusas. Bean & cheese for me, and a cheese & loroco pupusa for my pal. He wasn’t a huge fan of the pupusa because he thought it was a lot of cheese. I know. I had that same look on my face as you do now. Srsly, guy. Who does not like lots of cheese? How are we friends? Sigh. Okay, fine, whatever. I will eat my pupusa, and I am such a good friend that I will eat your pupusa too. Oh, it’s good enough to finish? Okay then.

He got pork chops ($10.50). Holy moly, what a gigantic platter. A little overcooked, but overall fairly satisfying on his account.I took a bite, I’d probably opt for something else the next time I go there because they have tastier things on their menu.

Since the temperatures are dropping I figured I’d give the shrimp soup ($9.99) a go. The broth was very flavorful & rich tasting. Also salty (which I like, you might find it a bit much). The shrimp themselves were a little gummy. There were some potatoes, carrots, onions, and a whole egg in there as well. The egg was well done, so I picked most of it out since it reminded me of a hard boiled egg and I’m not a huge fan of hard boiled eggs and hard yolks especially. The interesting part of this simple soup was that it retained its heat for the entirety of consumption. It was always crazy hot.

I usually park on the street, but they also have parking in the back of Flores Family Restaurant, which they share with a dentist. My buddy parked in the back and this is the sign by the dentist’s office, which makes it seem like the dentist is also moonlighting as a pub. Lol. I am guessing that Flores Family Restaurant used to be Brother Dominick’s Pub at some point? Any Schenectady folk know?

  1. phairhead said:

    Yes it was and prior to that it was “Mike’s Pizza Adobe”….the best Mexican/pizza joint in Sch’dy. I have great memories of that place!

  2. Mr. Sunshine said:

    Yay. Your photos are good again!

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