Taiwan Noodle – Winter Steamed Rice Dishes!


Met up with one of my good ol’ Albany friends, her son, and her beau, Farmer Jon, for dinner at Taiwan Noodle recently. ‘Scuse the yellow-y and/or out of focus pictures. My white balance was slacking during this meal, and I don’t get to see my girly all that often so I was more focused on her.

We chose Taiwan Noodle because it was a good middle meeting point for us, and because they have seriously cheap eats. And we like to eat. Scallion pancakes to start!


Ground pork noodle soup for my friend & her kiddo.


Stuffed pork steamed buns. I think we also got some Xiao Long Baos as well.

I can’t not order the pork foot noodle soup. Or some iteration of pork trotter when I’m at Taiwan Noodle. So tender! Farmer Jon said he’s seen where pigs walk, and he’d rather not nibble on that, tyvm. Lol, love that Farmer Jon.


Oh, more snacks! Spicy chicken wings. These had a good amount of kick but weren’t overwhelming. It was a dry-spice heat, not saucy. Reminded me of togarashi spice like you can put on Japanese ramen soups.

And some wood ear & celery in the background. Albany John can’t get enough of these. I think he orders these every time we go to Taiwan Noodle. He likes how soft and tender they make them.


I am bummed this came out so yellow & blurry! Okay, so Taiwan Noodle now has steamed rice in bamboo baskets for the winter months.  They’re all $7.95, and they are GIGANTIC! Albany John got a pork & black bean steamer above. I don’t know why I was surprised by the size, since at $7.95 they are the most expensive dish on the menu, but seriously… it’s enormous. It’s an entire large bamboo steamer – like 9-10″ in diameter, and filled with rice and pork. They come with a dark soy sauce on the side.

Farmer Jon got chicken & lop cheong (chinese sausage). He wasn’t too crazy about the chicken having bones in it (it’s rustically chopped and hacked pieces of chicken on the bone), but thought the flavors weren’t too shabby at all.

One of the best things is that an extra lop cheong is just $1, so  you can add it to any of the steamed rice dishes. Yeesssssss.


  1. Those special winter steamed rice baskets look good–will have to get back there again soon. How was the Chinese sausage?

    • It was pretty soft and tender. I never steam them long enough at home.

  2. emmaforbes7@gmail.com said:

    Albany Jane! You love Taiwan Noodle, which excites me because the one time I gave it a go, right when it first opened, I was less than impressed. Definitely going to have to check it out again, as it seems like they’ve improved. My one question is, you’ve talked about getting Xiao Long Baos there, but I don’t see them on the menu and don’t remember seeing them when I was there. Are they called something else, perhaps? I’m a huge XLB gal and have only found Ala Shanghai to have ones worth getting. If Taiwan Noodle has (authentic) ones too, that’d be awesome!

    • Em, I think Ala Shanghai’s XLB are better than Taiwan Noodle’s.
      You know, the Asian market on central sells frozen XLB!

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