Hungarian Night


Dining Club meal Round: Hungarian. Albany John had a Hungarian cookbook and made these stuffed zucchinis. They were great.

Quick & Dirty recipe:
Bunch of zucchini – peel and poach so they’re slightly pliable, but still firm. (You can hollow out with a melon baller – way easy)
Stuff with a mixture of ground meat and soaked/par-cooked rice, onions, and spices
Slather with sour cream & lemon & dill mixture.
Bake something like 45 minutes. Maybe less.

Albany John used fresh dill. Overall, the dish was a little more expensive than I thought it would be – something like $15-$20 for the whole tray when all was said and done.

My friend made a goulash. I made the picture all orange-y. Ezekiel bread toast points to dip/slather/mow.

DSCF5036Another person brought some wines. I really liked this one – Chateau St Jean de la Gineste, 2008. Some rather interesting and complex different flavor notes going on, and a warm, lingering flavors. This was quite a while ago, so that’s the best description I’ve got, but I look forward to imbibing this again.


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