Sandor’s Party


When this is the face that greets you as you walk into Sandor’s home, it’s gonna be an awesome night. As I was licking the grease off of my fingers, I couldn’t stop thinking how insanely awesome Sandor is, and how lucky I am that the internet brought our pork-centric minds (and bellies) together.

This was an End-Of-The-World/Saturnalia party Sandor threw. Cookies ’round a crackling fire and peat make for a cozy and happy Albany Jane.

One of Sandor’s pals was busy carving up the pig for the beginning of the night. I did my best to help reduce the amount of skin crackling. Like, 4 square feet at least. Sadly, my efforts did little good as there were leftovers. Many. Yum. Oh, but there was more than pork.


Cured gravlox!


Oysters! With treacherous styrofoam packaging. Hehe, I forgot their origin.

DSCF5084Sandor in action, shucking oysters. What a host. He and his lovely lady had been cooking all day, and so many more foods entered all of our bellies. So many cheeses. So many cookies. So many desserts. So much awesome.

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