Banh Mi

Banh MiBanh Mi in Albany? Well, sorta. I picked this sammich up at the Asian Food Market on Colvin Ave for $4.50. It was one of the foods they bring up from the city, and it was fresh that day.

Bread: Crispy shell of an exterior, thin poofy interior. A bit of a chew overall & better than the “French” bread you’d find at a grocery store in Upstate NY, but nothing swoon-worthy. Still, fairly decent as bread overall.

Fillings: Some kind of slightly-livery meat pate thing on the left (it was more like crumbled, moist sausage to me, although Albany John said it had a lot of pleasant liver flavor in it), slice o’cured pork ham-like meat thing, pickled carrots & daikon, raw cucumber, cilantro, and a wee smear of mayo.

Overall, a pleasant combination of fillings, and they worked well with the bread (not too much of one or the other), and it beats the pants off of a $5 foot-long sub that a few places are hawking now (heck, I bet that it would still beat at least one pant leg off even if this banh mi were a day old). The veggies, both raw & pickled, were crunchy and fresh, which was a nice contrast to the richer-tasting meats.

I still dislike mayo, but I am becoming more accepting of mayo on sandwiches, mainly because in small instances like this they don’t really stand out enough to offend. I really don’t see what it added to this sandwich (aside from fat and calories), or why they even bothered putting it on.


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