Noble Trappist Ale Homebrew

Nobel Trappist Ale My second attempt at home brewing beer was a success. I was brewing this at a friend’s house, but long story short, their house basically imploded when I was going to bottle, so I had to get a bottling tree and bottle at home. The house is on its way to being okay again, in case you were wondering (although I am a bit terrified of buying a home, now).

I went to Hammersmith Home Brew in Latham for a bottling tree. I was glad to have a physical store to go to last-minute, but wow was there a price difference. $32.95 for a 45 bottle drying tree, versus $18.99 on Midwest Supplies (less shipping), or $26.48 from Amazon (with shipping) for the exact same models. But I’m supporting a local small business, so that’s good for our economy, right?

Bottlin' So since I had to bottle at home, I put a whole bunch of sanitizing solution in one of my largest buckets and started sanitizing away. The whole process went pretty quickly & smoothly. I really tried to siphon the beer from the primary fermenter into the bottling tub, but oh my gosh I am so clumsy. I ended up giving myself a beer shower twice while I was holding the tubes somehow, and then I just gave up and poured the rest of it directly from one bucket into the other.

Oh yeah, this is the kit I used from Midewest Supplies for the Noble Trappist Ale.
Nobel Trappist Ale


I think it has a lot of fruit and coriander notes in it. I think it came out a tad heavier than I like in a beer, so I’m not sure if I’d make it again for my own drinking enjoyment, but Albany John has been enjoying the heck out of it. Belgian ales are some of his favorite types of beer, and he thinks this is pretty well in the ball park for a Belgian. I do like the small bubbles, though.

The flavors in this beer make it a great cooking beer. More on that in a bit!

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