Pork Roll

porky rollHai, I made a pork roll, and get this, the insides were tastier than the skin! I know, if I hadn’t made it, I would also have thought I were crazypants, too.
Pork rollI bought a whole pork belly and decided to try a stuffed pork roll. Stuffed it with some shallots and a carrot, I think.

Here’s what my slicing skeelz gave:

A 6-story pork high rise. All Belly The piece I used for the pork was just a smidge under a pound. So close. BEEEEERRR

Cracked open one of my noble Trappist ale home brews (you could use any Belgian beer), sliced the meat side up a bit, and poured the beer into a dish so it marinated the meat-side of the pork. Pork roll

After a few hours, I trussed it up with the stuffing ingredients and roasted it for a few more hours.

cooked pork rollDone! Now enjoy fatty-licious pork. Belgian-beer marinades go really, REALLY well with pork. So doing that again in the future.

  1. andres said:


    Where did you source the Pork Belly? Thanks!

  2. Jeni B said:

    You are a woman after my own heart. Also.. OINK

  3. llcwine said:

    Did you order it special there? I’ve never seen it and I shop there all the time!!!

    • I usually ask them if they have any in the back. Sometimes they do, sometimes it’s a frozen whole belly, and sometimes they don’t and order more. But yeah, I’ve never seen it for sale in the display case.

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