City Dining Cards Loves You

City Dining Cards loves them some AlbanyEats! readers and wants to send one of you a pack of cards as a little You-Are-Awesome V-day present. Aww, food prezzies, so sweet.

If you missed the first giveaway City Dining Cards had in November, or weren’t the one and only Mmasz who won, now’s a time to pick up a pair for free.

What are City Dining Cards? If you haven’t heard yet, check out my first post on them, but the short of it is that that they’re a deck of discount dining cards that you can use in the Albany/Capitol Region area at a bunch of restaurants ($10 off $30 or more food purchases).

Add a comment to enter, contest closes Thursday, February 14th (aka, Valentine’s day).

  1. Vicky said:

    I would love to win a deck of these cards! I love to eat out and save:)

  2. Jeff said:

    Would be awesome to have a pack of those cards. Gives me an excuse to eat some great local food (like I need one!)

  3. Katie said:

    Would love to win these!

  4. llcwine said:

    they look to be an awesome idea/ present…better than the entertainment book or groupon from my opinion….

  5. Gina said:

    A great idea to encourage the exploration of many local eateries! Seem like they’d be easy to keep handy in a purse, wallet, backpack or car…

  6. Ben said:

    I was checking these out the other day. A great deal for sure, and I’d LOVE to win!

  7. Kathy said:

    I saw these at the Albany Visitor center and have been meaning to get back over to pick up a deck. Would be even nicer if I won them!

  8. Patti said:

    I Love eating/dining in the Albany Capitol region area!!! Always want a Great place to eat for lunch hour with my friends and co-workers.

  9. Linda said:

    A pack was in my family’s Christmas grab bag but my Dad got them! Would love to have a pack.

  10. Lorre said:

    I’m working to beef up my “best of” list for Capital Region foodie sites! I need these cards to help me get out there and try everything!!!

  11. anita said:

    pick me!!!

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