DSCF5489 I made some mini croissants with some guidance from txfarmer on The Fresh Loaf. Overall, they came out pretty well. I was very happy with the layers, color, and flakiness, but I thought they were a bit tough for croissants and would have preferred them a bit softer/more tender. This was all due to my heavy handedness on this initial croissant endeavor. DSCF5455 Overnight – mix up a dough and let it sit. DSCF5461 Next day – croissant dough!DSCF5459 Knead, roll into a ball, stick in fridge for a few hours. DSCF5472 Dough blob after being in the fridge for a few hours. DSCF5473 Rolled out into some kind of a rectangle. DSCF5474 Butter beaten into a square. I think I could have used about half as much – a lot leaked out during baking. DSCF5475 Butter square placed on dough. DSCF5476 My crappy folding/wrapping skills may also have been an issue with lack of tenderness. DSCF5477
DSCF5478I rolled out & folded the dough a few times.
DSCF5479 Chilled & on the second fold. DSCF5480 Sliced up – look at those layers!DSCF5482 I could have made these larger, but man, after seeing how much butter I put in there, i just decided to make a few mini croissants and freeze some of the dough. These guys are RICH!DSCF5483 Egg washDSCF5484 Egg wash before proofing. DSCF5486 After proofing for a bit with the egg wash. DSCF5487 Poofy croissants. DSCF5488Croissants in their pool of leaked butter. Not perfect by any means, but still pretty darned tasty because buttery carbs are inherently tasty. I will try these again!


  1. Jeni B said:

    The “leaking butter” is fine, actually because you need the butter to melt and give you that flakiness. As far as a tender croissant, it’s easy to overwork. How long did you let it rest between folds? I do at least 30 minutes. They look fantastic, especially for your first try.
    Also, the flour you use will make a difference. I think (I’ll have to look) I have used part pastry flour, but don’t quote me on that.
    Nice job!

  2. I’m a big fan of Txfarmer but have always been intimidated by the perfection of her results. The fact you tried this and it came so well gives me hope! They look great, actually, right up to that final shot where they are brown and white instead of golden. I wonder if that’s due to oven temperature, steam (lack of) or both. But that’s just one quibble on a great first effort. Congratulations!

  3. Jenna C. said:

    Wow! Very ambitious! And they look delicious!

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