我爱你, 爺爺.

I love you, Yeh-Yeh.

YehYeh passed away this past Thursday.

This guy – he was always up for an adventure. I still can’t really process that he’s gone, although my dad’s been making funeral arrangements. It was fairly quick, so most of my family is glad that he didn’t suffer for too long. I don’t quite know what I feel, other than that I miss him. We’re all glad we got to celebrate his 80th birthday as a big bash two years ago. There pictures are from that party. The one above really captures his spirit – smiling and always looking to have a good time.

But the one below is my favorite:

YehYeh Face

Now I know where I got my facial expressions from. I know I’ve made this one a bunch. Excitement, emotion = exaggerated face. I’m hoping inside that it will kind of be a big joke and he’ll be all better and be like “Ah ha! Got you!!” when everyone gets there for his funeral next weekend.

YehYeh & Me

I miss you, Yeh-Yeh.

  1. phairhead said:

    I am so so sorry for yr loss. My sympathies to you and yr family 😦

  2. Oh man. That had to have been rough while you were away. It takes a while to process that a grandparent is gone. My grandfather died a few years ago, and I still have his voice recorded on one of the kids teddy bears. It’s both sweet and a little spooky.

    Our thoughts are with you.

  3. llcwine said:

    My sincerest condolences, I used to love reading about your meals with your Yeh-Yeh.

  4. MiMi said:

    I’m so sorry. I too have enjoyed your stories of your Yeh-Yeh

  5. andy said:

    I googled “I miss my yeh-yeh” and this was the first link that popped up. I miss him a lot too. I love you sis

  6. Jenna C. said:

    Oh no, I’m so sorry. I too have a enjoyed reading your posts about meals shared with him and your love for him has been evident throughout.

  7. Third Auntie said:

    My condolences to you and your family. I loved reading about YehYeh.

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