Hey, guess who willingly went camping the first weekend in March? This gal. It was even my idea. Craziness, I know. And a whole bunch of other adventuresome sorts came along. Phairhead & SexyBeast, Zero & his owners , and many more! We went to Dippikill up in Warrensburg, NY. Albany John has been with his friends several times. It was my first, and just a good one!

We stayed in Birches & also reserved the gatehouse for overflow campers.


Here’s a shot of gatehouse. It’s just a short walk from the parking lot. You can only rent gatehouse as an overflow, not on its own. Oh, in the winter you get sleds to schlep your stuff from your car to your cabin if you have a far walk.


Here’s what the inside of gatehouse looks like. Spiffy log cabin that keeps it super warm. Some folks who stayed in there one night added a few too many logs to the efficient fireplace and ended up sleeping in a sauna.


Dippikill provides some cookware, and a big ol’ percolator, but Albany John brought his cast iron. Oh mah gosh, guys. We ladies enjoyed such a fest of fatty proportions made by our woodsy menfolk. Actually, I don’t think I cooked any time I was there… Zero’s pops had the fantastic idea of cooking the chorizo he brought in the residual bacon fat after Albany John made some of my bacon for breakfast. Take that, perfect cholesterol levels!!

We also took a day trip to Oscar’s Smokehouse, which is also in Warrensburg, NY. I got some powerfully smoked hickory cheese curds. The smoke level was almost painful, yet also irresistible. Jerky was dry, unseasoned, and pretty inedible. Pickles were awesomely crunchy.


Dippikill provides wood for free/included with your reservation. All you have to do is chop more to replace what was by your cabin!


The lake was frozen over, so we took a hike over one day. Joyus puppers! And gigantic snowman.


Happy Husbear.


Post-camping aftermath. And lovable Zero in the background. Not too shabby for 12 people. While it might seem like social hour (and it can be: two of our merry men decided to stay up all night pouring Jim Beam by the mug, so don’t expect it to be quiet as a mouse), but I still found it easy to slip away for a few minutes or hours at a time to read in bed, or hang out where it was less noisy.

So, I would like to do this again, perhaps in June or late May some time, and get one of the big 25 person cabins. Would you like to come with, or come again? Let me know in the comments below! If we have all 25 people sign up, it works out to just under $35 per person for Friday-Sunday.

  1. phairhead said:

    You can count us in!

  2. TrojanMorse said:

    HA! We were at Collins Lodge the same weekend, wonder if you heard our drunken shouting too…

    • I guess the cabins have better insulation than we thought – didn’t hear a thing!

  3. amanda_ny said:

    We had a great time! We would definitely join in at Dippikill again!

  4. dippikillofficeassisant@gmail.com said:

    Thank you for the wonderful review of the facility 🙂

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