Brunch at City Beer Hall



I think I could have renamed April “City Beer Hall Month”. I think I was there at least once a week, every week.

City Beer Hall‘s bloody Mary has made me a savory cocktail convert. This punches up some heat with a hearty does of horseradish. Albany John and I were part of a large brunch group to celebrate friend’s birthday. I originally ordered a bellini, but when I saw how good someone else’s Bloody Mary looked I asked Albany John to order one with his brunch (he likes Bloody Marys), and after I took a sip I was in love!



So their brunches come with coffee & juice/boozy cocktail. I went with a Last Rights for $15. Most of their other brunch plates are $13, but hey, $3 for meaty, meat, meat? I’ll go for that. It was a lot smaller of a portion of meat than I thought it would be – smaller than my palm. The home fries/potatoes were deep fried, light, & crunchy on the outside. Eggs were okay, but I forgot to ask for how I wanted them, so they were brought out scrambled. Salad was a little sad – limp and brown romaine.

Our server was incredibly nice, but probably could have corralled the table a bit better in terms of how to pace the meal and get everyone out quicker (why did I bother getting here on time if we’re going to wait until the last person gets here an hour and fifteen minutes late?). I think I must be the only person that doesn’t want to linger over brunch, or make it some lengthy affair. But man do I love how often they refill the coffee at City Beer Hall.

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