North Country Day


One of my girlfriends and I took a day trip to Glens Falls. On our way north, we stopped at SPoT Coffee in Saratoga Springs. It’s fairly quiet on a weekday morning, and parking on the street was easy to find. She was raving about SPoT, because it was a highlight for her whenever she goes to Buffalo, so she was happy to see that there was one nearby.
Eh, coffee was fine in that it was coffee and didn’t have any sour notes. I got the scone, which was fairly forgettable and dry.


First stop, the Falls in Glens Falls!


Top of the falls. Then it was time for important schtuff. Like lunch. At the Chocolate Mill.


Ham & Cheese croissant was sufficiently flaky and crisp on the exterior.


And deliciously fluffy and tendered on the interior. Buttery goodness.


Dessert time! a layer cake on the left with (okay, but kind of gummy), and truffles on the right. PB&J, Key Lime, and I forget the last one we had, but they were all good. Especially the PB & J!

Then we wandered up to Oscar’s Smokehouse for some meat sticks (for her) and pickles (for me).  On our way back we hit up the Whistling Kettle in Ballston Spa. We were the youngest in there by decades.


There was a sniffing bar in the very front, which I somehow missed upon entry, but found on the way out. No rush from the staff. About $3.50 for a pot of tea. It was okay, but I thought prices were a bit on the high side for the location and goods, although let’s argue that it’s because there’s no rush, so you pay a bit more to linger as much as you want.

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