Muddady Flats


Albany John is really starting to become Troyalty. He has really embraced our across-the-river neighbor city as his own. One of his favorite quick and cheap places for food is Muddady Flats on Fulton Street. They mainly make quesadillas, but they also make some awesome brookies ($0.75 Рa dollop of cookie dough baked into a brownie bite) which make for a  fantastic appetizer to wolf down while waiting for your quesadilla to be made.

Albany John, R, & I went here for something to eat during the Troy Food Truck Festival in the afternoon (it turned into a line-waiting game by the afternoon), and they were quick to get orders out.


We went with a coconut shrimp quesadilla. Tasty stuff. Do you have foods that you normally don’t buy? Like, I always think “A quesadilla? I can make that at home, why am I gonna pay $9.00 for that?” but man, this was a good quesadilla, was priced well for what it was, and was a fairly filling snack for two people to split. Crispy exterior, melty & gooey interior, but not too messy. I think this was $7.25 because of the shrimp, but most of Muddaddy Flats’ Menu hovers in the $6.50 area.

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