Grilling It Up with R


Went on over to Miss R‘s place where her and M were breaking out the grill. The plate is full of miso marinated wings. Holy moly, those were good. Decimated those suckers really quickly! R, you need to do a post on that marinade. Like, immediately.


Big ole bowl of pasta salad! Mozzarella, tomatoes, yum!


Chap chae! Goodness, this was awesome. It was R’s first time making the noodles and they came out PERFECTLY bouncy and chewy. Albany John and I have hit-or-miss luck with sweet potato noodles. So R, now every time I want sweet potato noodles I’m gonna be hitting you up.


Mini weenies! I love snappy casings. How can you not have a hot dog with a snappy case?


Uh… I ate a lot of this. So good.


I also had a leftover pineapple hanging around and it was getting near the end of its viable life, so pineapple upside down cake it became! I used King Arthur AP flour, so I think the cake was a little tougher than I’d prefer. Next time I will probably use actual cake flour. But when half of the cake is soaked in sugar-butter, well, it’s easy to overlook.

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