Happy Birthday to Albany John


I don’t know what took me so long to give into Albany John’s “hinting” over the years that he wanted a pressure cooker. This has been the best birthday present I’ve given him in a while. (Which means that I am also highly benefiting from this gift.)

At the AoA 5th Birthday PartyJon in Albany mentioned he has a Kuhn Rikon (I think maybe this 8 Qt model?) and loves it. I figured, okay, what the heck. Let’s get the bear a pressure cooker.

However, I didn’t go with a top-of-the-line Kuhn Rikon (what if we don’t use it that much? what if it turns out he just doesn’t like it as much as he thought he would?). I bought Albany John this 6 QT Fagor Duo Stainless Steel pressure cooker. And hey, if it didn’t do what he wanted, we can always return it to Amazon for a different one since we have Prime.

This is a good size for us. I think 4 quarts would have also probably been perfectly fine for him,  to be honest, but 6 quarts isn’t a beastly size and we all know we can easily cook a lot of food. It’s easy to clean and isn’t too bulky (so it doesn’t need a “special” place in the kitchen). I think any larger would be a waste for us.


Albany John’s first dish he made in the pressure cooker was beef short ribs. In 20 minutes!!! They tasted just as good as ribs that are roasted for hours in the oven and the flavor wasn’t watered down or muddy. They were unbelievably tender. I am now a pressure cooker convert and will sing its praises. How can I not immediately love something that 1) cooks things quickly and efficiently without compromising flavor, and 2) MAKES ME RIBS.

Albany John browned them in the broiler to add a bit of char to the outside, which was tough because he had to swat me away from the ribs and trying to eat them.

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  1. The pot you linked was in the running but in the end I went with this one. It is a little cheaper now than it was last year:


    It has a little different pressure valve than the other Kuhn Rikon models. Glad Albany John is enjoying it. Have you tried stocks yet? The best stocks I have ever made came out of the pressure cooker. Chicken, turkey, beef, vegetable – all really, really good. Just remember to use the natural release method for stocks.

    Look forward to seeing what else you make.

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