Tour de Gelato


The Tour de Gelato. I survived. Daniel B. tried to kill us all, one scoop at a time. It started off bright and early at Crisan at 10:30 AM. I know.


I was glad Albany John left me solo that weekend, because he would have immediately demanded I get a purse exactly like StanfordSteph’s.


Crisan had a dozen flavors stocked and ready for the hot weekend. The Profussor tried to corral us into making our own category of flavor, so being the great friend that I am, I labeled mine “whatever the hell I feel like”, which wound up being Mango/Tropical Fruit. You were encouraged to get 2 scoops/flavors at each place.


Crisan’s yogurt-based mango lassi gelato on top. So tart and mango-y. Loved it. Not too sweet at all. I’ve also been on a crazy yogurt kick for the past few months, so pretty much anything with yogurt in it wins for me.

The scoop on the bottom was Honey Pear, which was a unique flavor that many other Tour eaters were curious to try. I quite enjoyed it and thought it would go well with other desserts (cookies or pie). The honey and pear flavors were subtle, which I appreciated.

Cost: $2 per scoop, $4 total


Stop #2 was Eugenio’s in Saratoga Springs. We managed to find parking pretty easily on a sunny day in Saratoga.


Plenty of flavors here to choose from.


Mango on the bottom, salted caramel on the top for me. The salted caramel was on the unpleasant side. Initially it was fine, but there was a weird almost play-doh like aftertaste.

Mango was okay, but both of these reminded me more of ice cream than gelato. Still, fairly serviceable stuff.

This was a small, and was $4.99, or 10% off for Yelpers who checked in.

P1000319 - Copy

The Profussor went with strawberry, and was greeted with this neon-pink number.


Stop #3 was Villa Italia in Schenectady (man, this was so much driving!).


I think Villa Italia had the prettiest display. Piled high, and so clean and pretty!


No mango here, but I went with pineapple & coconut (so, basically gelato pina colada!). Holy moly, the pineapple was really good. I’m usually not a fan of fruity ice cream/gelato, but these weren’t too creamy – lots of fresh fruit flavor shone through.

Cost: $3.29 for a small


Civitello’s was stop #4 and a bit of a clunker.


By the time we arrived, the bakery section looked like it had done well earlier in the day (not much left in the cases).


They had mango and coconut here, and I split this one with a fellow Tour eater. Cost for a small: $3.50. It was very gummy, like a lot of sugar syrup was used. Kind of more like a creamy Italian ice than gelato.


Fruits of the forest got a thumbs down by another Tour eater. It was kind of like blue raspberry flavor, and also more like an Italian ice than gelato.


Sage Bistro was the final stop.


They had a lot to choose from.


Mango on the bottom, salted caramel on the top. $4.05 for this small.

The salted caramel was okay, tasted more like regular caramel to me.
Mango was fine, too.

I was surprised to see mango as gelato in so many places. It was a rather refreshing flavor, and made for eating about 2 lbs of gelato disturbingly easy.

  1. -R. said:

    Nice to see Daniel dressed the part for the occasion – that shirt screams Gelateria (or hospital commissary worker).

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