ShrimpFest with Dad (From Fin)


After the Tour de Gelato‘s completion at Sage Bistro, I meandered over to Fin, Your Fish Monger, which is in the same strip mall. I don’t make it out to Guilderland as much as I used to, but I think Fin is worth the trip.


Chef Gio was outside grilling scallops. The grill was a little low/slow, but these were perfectly (barely) cooked. Kudos to a fellow tour member who caught my scallop as it bounced out of my mouth and on to my shoulder before it had the chance to hit the ground.


Fin was doing a swift amount of business that day, but the wait wasn’t too long. I was driving downstate to see my dad immediately after the tour, and I’d promised shrimp if they had any left. They did, both fresh & frozen.


I picked up some frozen Louisiana shrimp for $13.00/lb. Each bag was already weighed and priced – super easy to pick one up. I was hoping these would be something like the Royal Red shrimp I’d had in Mississippi the last time I went with my Dad.


Fresh North Carolina shrimp for $14.50/lb. These guys were big and firm.


We peeled and butterflied most of the shrimp, but my dad noticed that hardly any of the shrimp really needed to be deveined. Most of them were free of any shrimp leavings (i.e. no shrimp poop in the vein).


Some of the Louisiana shrimp were steamed because they were still a little bit frozen. Here they are pre-cooking.


Post steaming shrimpy goodness.


Peeled – so firm. And guess what? They tasted JUST like the Royal Reds tasted when we were in Mississippi. Briny with a sweet minerality.


My Dad’s partner got him this enormous wok for cooking outdoors. What a great setup! Some spinach in there to start.


Spinach done.


Butterflied & peeled shrimp tossed in the wok.


Sprinkled with some scallions.


Cooked just a bit more to get some wok hei on the outside.


Perfect! I want an outdoor wok rig when I have a backyard of my own. That baby cooked everything so quickly, and man, that char….


Later on my Dad added some chiffonaded basil on top of the shrimp – SO good!


Then it was time for the shrimp with the shell on. I wanted to see how they tasted with the shell on.


This was GREAT! I loved the wok hei on the shell-on shrimp. Crisp shell, and I wound up eating all of them, shell and all. The flavor was just. So. Good.

We managed to eat all of the fresh shrimp and one bag of the Louisiana shrimp, but were too full to eat the second, so Dad saved it for another day.

Happy Father’s Day a little early, Dad. Have fun in China.

  1. That Wok is sick. Wonder if I could get my burner to do that….like I need another project.

  2. Third Auntie said:

    Hi AJ, Can you find out what brand that wok cooker is? They just did an article in the NYT about outdoor propane cookers and I want one. I would love to be able to stir fry with 30,000 BTUs.

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