Planked salmon


Albany John picked up some copper river salmon from Fin and planked them. Really tasty, but I’m not sure if we should have planked the copper river (aka mucho expensive) salmon since the smoke and plank add a bit of extra flavor.


2 pieces. About 1 lb.


Rare in the center. Yes.

  1. -R. said:

    Yup, REALLY expensive. Ultimately, in the scheme of things, do you personally feel Fin’s prices are worth it? I love what they do, but a person can go broke shopping there too frequently.

    • I think the prices are worth it because so far I’ve been happy with the quality. It’s also far enough that I don’t get out there very often, so I have to make the effort and think about what I want (the weekly email with products for sale tend to help with that).

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