KitchenAid – Great Customer Service


I’ve had this KitchenAid Digital Probe thermometer for years. It’s great for grilling/smoking because it’s tolerant of high temperatures and has a temperature alarm in addition to a normal timer. But then one year my probe broke. Bummer. I kind of figured it was a loss, but then after ordering another one from Amazon, I saw there was an 800 number on the back and decided to see if they sold just the probe.

They don’t sell the probe, BUT the probe is evidently guaranteed for life as a gizmo/gadget associated with the themometer/timer. So they sent a new entire unit for free! I was really surprised by that customer service, so now I have another thermometer/timer. I’ll probably give it to my brother in law the next time I see him, since he also loves to grill.

Any way, if you have a griller in your life, this thing is awesome. I love it, and I’m sharing it because I love the customer service even more.

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