Giffy’s BBQ


Met up with Daniel B. & CelinaBean for lunch. I picked Giffy’s BBQ in Clifton Park because I hadn’t yet tried it. Okay, guys. I am sorry for this one. I’ve heard good things about Giffy’s, so maybe dinner is better than lunch. Or just avoid the lunch buffet ($6.99), which I decided to try.


It’s a sparse salad bar with watery soup & pulled chicken & pulled pork. The pulled chicken was really dry, the pulled pork was really oily. Service was very friendly & polite. Definitely a kid friendly place you can linger over lunch.

  1. JayH said:

    Not any better for dinner!

  2. phairhead said:

    Next time you want BBQ, you come to casa de Johnson 🙂

  3. llcwine said:

    It amazes me that they are still open..but other than Shane’s…where else can you get barbecue (if it can be called that) in CP?

  4. Yeah. I think they do themselves a disservice by calling it barbecue. Not that I’m the God of Cue and dictating what is and what isn’t barbecue. It’s just that so many people (myself included) have very concrete notions of what barbecue is and what it isn’t.

    Pizza is the same way. I’m continually shocked that that there are still some who claim that anything that’s not NY-style doesn’t desserve to bear the name.

    The Cornell style chicken served at Giffy’s is good. Their ribs aren’t bad. But the thing to get here is the chicken. Really, I wish the skin were crispier. It’s not necessarily good enough to justify a drive. However, should you be in the area, and curious about the style, it’s a tasty preparation of this ubiquitous bird.

    I totally understand its popularity.

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