Honey Mustard Ham


 I’ve been eating more protein lately, and while I haven’t been shying away from fats, it’s nice to have some leaner cuts like pork loin available. It feels like a more efficient way to load protein. Oh, by the way – I’ve discovered that a really easy way to make a small amount of wet cure for brining is to put ingredients in a quart jar with hot water, then shake until everything dissolves.


I periodically glazed this loin with honey & mustard while smoking it over a mix of pecan and applewood. I’ve been playing around with mixing woods lately and have been really happy with the results.

And holy moly, curing really helps preserve meat. Smoked, this ham has lasted a solid 2 weeks in my fridge with no noticeable change. Still just as tasty as day 1, and just as moist, too.

Another good combo for grilling and smoking is applewood, hickory, and a bit of plum.

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