Sushi Tei


The ole husbear and I went to Sushi Tei with a large group of friends. I love, love, love Sushi Tei, but it turns out that they are easily overwhelmed with a group. 2 hours for dinner for 10, and we all just ordered main courses. I say this so if you are planning to have a large group there, plan your time accordingly and enjoy a leisurely meal.

Husbear and I weren’t super hungry when we went, so we decided to split a few things. Got an eel & cucumber roll, prime tuna & scallion roll, and two cucumber cups of tobiko. Albany John loves eel rolls & tobiko.


We split a main and opted for a salad. Man, miso dressing is so addictive! I don’t know anything that doesn’t taste amazing dressed in miso.


Sake don. Loving sake roe and shiso. Albany John tried to grow some, but it all of the shiso sprouts died. 😥 No garden-fresh shiso for me.

Salmon was pretty good. The rice was a little warmer than I expected, and so the salmon was a bit warmer than room temp. Different texture than I’d anticipated.

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