Rye Molasses Crinkles


Husbear loves molasses. I don’t get it, but my health for the past month hasn’t been that great, and he’s been a real peach to me and being extra helpful and sweet. So now that I’m feeling better, i wanted to make him some cookies as a sign of how sweet I am on him.

The recipe was okay as far as molasses cookies go. Not my finest and not super molasses-y, but totally fine. I subbed half of the flour with rye flour. The only real difference I noticed was that the crumb was slightly more delicate, since rye flour has a lower gluten content than wheat flour.


Rolled half of the cookies in pink sugar, and half in regular white sugar. BIG FAT SUGARY COOKIES!

Any way, thanks ‘bear for being there for me. I may have been even grumpier than usual and much sleepier, but I really appreciate you.

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