Scallops with Whole Wheat Linguine


Man, I love scallops. I picked up some big, fat scallops, and I was thinking fra diavolo at first, because I had heard someone in passing mention “a really great fra diavolo sauce” so, like a dog with a bone, I was all “FRA DIAVOLO”. Thankfully my better half is better about realizing the delicate flavors scallops have, and how fra diavolo might be a bit overwhelming for their delicate sweetness. So he lightly sauteed the scallops and tossed them in a browned butter sauce with fresh basil.

White wine in the sauce would have been awesome, but we didn’t have any. In my early twenties I didn’t quite pick up or “get” the flavors wines in sauces, but for some reason it just clicked with me how good a splash of a dry white would be in this sauce to add a bit of brightness & acidity.


Albany John & I haven’t been eating all that many wheaty carbs lately, but this whole wheat linguine was a nice and somewhat hearty treat.

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