Flushing Lunch


I had to go down to the city for a friend’s graduation party. I kind of didn’t want to go, but you know. Social obligations and all. Albany John said I’d be a dick if I didn’t go because it was a big deal to the graduate. I feel like the older I get, the less I connect with a lot of people (or maybe, the more I disconnect with people), and I’m fine with it, but other people. Well, less so. I don’t know. I just don’t feel like there are all that many things I really get worked up about lately.

Any way, I wanted to go to Flushing for to check in with my Uncle and see how he was doing after Yeh-Yeh’s passing before going to this grad party. Well, I thought it was just going to be my uncle, but it turned out to be a lot of my family! That was such a nice surprise. He called my aunts, and one aunt brought my cousin and her husband (my uncle), plus there were two family friends, and it was great to see so much of the family there. My dad was on vacation, so it was awesome of my Uncle to reach out to the rest of my family when he heard I was coming.

Soy skin snack above.

We went to Jin Cheng for lunch on Saturday. That place is a ghost town on the weekend mornings, I’m guessing because they stopped doing dim sum. They still do lunch specials, but no dim sum. And oh my gosh, they are a million and one times better when they don’t have any guests than when they are busy. They also have a free parking lot – no hunt for parking. It’s definitely starting to grow on me.


Albany John wanted mapo dofu. Sqidgy, soft tofu pieces in a fairly mild (but flavorful) sauce.


Whatever the hell this dish is, I want two of ’em the next time I’m there. It was a simple, flavorful dish: rice cake slices (the chewy kind) with some preserved veggies and salty egg. Funky, salty, savory. Definitely a dish I can get down with.


Moar dishes.


Crispy Skin Chicken! So good we ordered a second half! It comes with this rockin’ garlic & scallion sauce on the side that you don’t want to mix. Kind of like Chinese chimichurri, except it probably has MSG in it.

Party was okay. Didn’t get much face time with the graduate, but the grad seemed to be happy we came. I think I am just quickly becoming curmudgeonly and not getting “kids these days”, even when they’re about my own age.

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