Randalled Festina Peche


I saw that The Ruck was randalling Dogfish Head Festina Peche through red raspberries, blueberries, white peaches. Three cheers for social media! I promptly squealed and informed Albany John that we were going to The Ruck. No protests from him, he loves that bar.

The Festina Peche initially wasn’t pouring right, and the bartender could only get 3/4 of a glass out. As you can tell, it was good, because by the time we got a 2nd beer, Albany John and I had downed about half of it. It was pretty refreshing, with lots of white peach notes, and the berries adding more sweetness to it.

It was sticky and humid in The Ruck, so I asked the bartender for another light somewhat fruity refreshing beer, and got this ginger/grapefruit beer. Definitely refreshing, and Albany John loved the assertive gingery flavor. It reminded me more of a gingery spritzer than a syrupy beer. Good for summer.


Albany John noticed sweet potato tots on their menu, so we got an order ($6). It came with raspberry melba sauce, which was jammy and went well with the tots. Good fry job – didn’t taste too heavy or anything.


Got another Festina Peche randalled through fruit and it poured all the way this time. Guess what – only $5! Five bucks! How crazy-good is that pricing for good tasting beer? This is why I love the Ruck.

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