Galbi Portobellos & Grilled Chicken


I love this Galbi marinade I picked up from the Asian Supermarket on Central Ave. No High Fructose Corn Syrup, and adds so much flavor to beef. I wondered how they’d do marinating mushrooms and the short story is: AWESOME.


Here’s what the marinade looks like. Viscous stuff. A little goes a long way.


Three mushrooms, a few tablespoons of galbi marinade, and 30-60 minutes of wait time.


Albany John also dry-brined a chicken by rubbing it with salt and other seasonings.


Yes, plate of deliciousness! Albany John said that the galbi marinade helped the portobellos retain their moisture on the grill. They also weren’t too sugary, so they didn’t burn on the grill. (This is cap-side down/gill-side up, for reference)


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