Lake George


Lake George is about an hour or so north of Albany, and I’d never been until recently. It’s a pretty swell place. Parking by the beach is $10, and you can come and go all day if you’re so inclined. I personally tend to beach myself for a few hours, and then head out.


There are a bunch of seagulls on Lake George, just don’t feed them. Some folks next to me started feeding a “cute” duck and the gulls wouldn’t leave them alone after that.


I stayed on the main part of Lake George (where the lifeguards, bathrooms, & changing rooms are), but there’s a dog-friendly beach just to the left where you can also swim without lifeguard supervision. Albany John said he liked that section better.


The sand is fairly smooth for Upstate NY sand. It’s not pillow-y soft, and when the sun comes out it heats up lightning fast to burn your tootsies. The water, though, is incredibly clear and clean.


I went with one of my girlfriends and Albany John. And my Hello Kitty towel over pink lounger, natch. Bring your SPF. I was slathering myself with SPF and still wound up with a bit of a tan. I think I’m one of the few people in Albany who doesn’t want to tan themselves into an orange oblivion sometimes.


View of the beach from my feet. I can see why Lake George is so popular. It was a relaxing time, not too much hubbub. I can see why it’s so popular with tourists.

P1010078 P1010080

We stopped off at A&W for some dessert on our way out.

P1010082 P1010083 P1010084 P1010085

There’s a window to order ice cream, sodas, floats, and other such desserts to the side. Otherwise you can park and order from your car or a table.


Albany John went with amaretto soft serve, and I went with creme de menth. Wow, creme de menthe was really… menth-y. Phew. Fakey flavoring, unfortunately, but I guess when you have 30+ flavors of soft serve, well, that’s what you get. Really creamy though, so there’s that. $2.50 each for our small ice creams.

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