Frozen Yogurt Pops


This has been a great summer for popsicles. Specifically yogurt popsicles. I’ve been consuming a decent amount of yogurt lately (or what Albany John calls “More yogurt than I’ve ever seen someone eat on a regular basis,”) and heat + frozen yogurt + other stuff = awesome.

More specifically, I’ve been on a greek yogurt + lime popsicle flavor combination kick, but hey, find what works for you.


Each of these holds 1/3 c of liquid, which is a dandy size for a frozen treat if you’re a popsicle licker like me. If you tend to chomp through them like Albany John does, well, you might go through these a lot quicker than we lickers do.


Flavor combos I have also enjoyed include over-ripe peaches pureed with some plain yogurt (no sugar necessary), lime juice + greek yogurt + coconut milk + honey (this is my favorite so far), and coconut milk + yogurt + frozen fruit bits.

I’d suggest greek yogurt over plain yogurt for its thicker, creamier consistency. Plain yogurt tends to get icier.

I’ve even been enjoying them for breakfast!

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