On The Farm


I hadn’t seen my mom’s side of the family in about a decade. It was recently a cousin’s kid’s birthday, so I went down with my mom to see everyone. I’m glad I did. Most of the family lives downstate in the country – kind of on the border of PA.


Liberty, NY seems to be embracing sushi. There were a lot of places along the way that tacked sushi on to their list of goods.

P1010328 P1010339

Once we got to the farm we were greeted by poultry. My cousin raises some turkeys and ducks for them to eat. I was really happy to see everyone and reconnect. Sure, we’ve changed and all, but family is family, and that is what is important, imperfections and all.


She also has a super cute little wiener dog.


So there were some sandwiches and usual picnic fare, but this. Oh. My. Gosh. I loved this “fruit salad” way more than anyone should, probably because it is so incredibly bad for you. Mini marshmallows, canned mandarin oranges, maraschino cherries, and sour cream. Holy cow, talk about a creamy sugar rush. The cousin who made said that it was her husband’s favorite “salad”, and when they first started dating, his neighbor would bring it over for him. She thought it was disgusting just by looking at it, but after 3 years she tried a bite and, yeah, had to admit it was good.


My uncle packed my mom and me into the back of his four-wheeler and drove us up the hill to his peaceful area – he had this pond made last year and it was absolutely gorgeous to be by it on a nice summer day.


Blue skies, green grass, and enough space to hold a small festival.


It sure made me think, hey, maybe I have what it takes to be a country gal like this side of my family. Up until this moment, I really couldn’t comprehend living more than 5 miles away from stores, but being up there, where it’s so peaceful and empty. Wow. I just wanted to stay up there all day.


What do you think? Could Albany Jane become a farm-living country gal? Chucks, jeans, and sitting on a sunny dock could definitely make me into one. I could help with slaughtering, and while I like to maintain a nice manicure, I don’t mind getting dirty and rather enjoy heavy lifting.

Hmm. Maybe one day. But until then, I’ll just have to go back for more to get my country-life fix.

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  1. Court said:

    Your mom’s from Liberty? That’s down in the territory I grew up in! It’s a different way of life down/out there, but it’s always nice to visit. (Fun fact. The chickens that Brooks uses are from my home town.)

    I think you’ll always love visiting that kind of area, but I think you might just go stir crazy if you’re there too long.

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