Summer Snackin’


I’ve been trying to use up foods in my pantry for the past month. It’s been a varying degree of success, but when Daniel B. and family left town, I inherited a bunch of foods they could not bring with them. Hee hee, okay, twist my arm (seriously, if you’re in NJ when he leaves, call dibs on his pantry scraps. They have good taste). One of the things I inherited were Parmesan cheese rinds. I toasted some over a flame until they softened a bit. There’s still a fairly narrow window for edibility – they will re-harden and be tough to chew after about 20 minutes.


And while I’m trying to use up the foods in my pantry, I’m also trying to enjoy the bounty of summer in Upstate New York. I picked up some orange tomatoes, minced a fist-sized tomato and added salt and pepper. Let that sit for 10 minutes, and toss in some chiff’d basil. Maybe toss in some olive oil. Or not. Just enjoy those fresh tomatoes.


I toasted some leftover rye-ish bread, rubbed it with a raw garlic clove, then topped with the minced, seasoned tomatoes. Bright and summery treat to eat while Albany John grilled me meats.

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