Apricot & Raspberry Pavlova


Pavlovas are perfect for summer. For surprise birthday partys, well… they are okay as long as you like them soft. Summer in Albany is so humid, the crisp exterior soon surrenders to the moisture in the air. If you like creamy pillows, then you’re in luck!


I started out with red raspberries and apricots.


So pretty. Then I macerated them with a bit of sugar, orange liqueur, and lemon juice for a few hours. I didn’t peel the apricot skins.


I used minimally processed sugar, so the pav patties were a bit golden. For a 3-layer pavlova, I used 9 egg whites and 2/3 of a cup of sugar with just a wee bit of corn starch (like a Tablespoon) to keep it all together.


The larges pavlova layer really puffed up in the oven and got stuck to the side. No matter, that is what berries & whipped cream are for.


I packed my cream & macerated fruits in a cooler bag and headed off to a surprise party. Whipping cream at a party will turn some heads.


Pavlova – ASSEMBLE! Three layers of pavlova, whipped cream, and macerated fruit. I was bummed about the lack of crispness, but no one else at the party had ever had a pavlova before, so they didn’t know what they were missing. That was a bit of luck for me, and everyone really enjoyed this for what it was.

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