Apple Butter Season


Apples, apples everywhere. No, really. They’re everywhere. My new house has a big old apple tree in one corner of the lawn and there are apples everywhere. At first I thought this was great, but now I’m trying to find ways to use apples, picking up fallow apples, and trying not to knock my head on errant tree branches when I stand up from picking up fallow apples.


Any way, filled up a gigantic bowl of apples. They’re not grocery store looking, all pretty and perfect. They’re on the smaller side, likely because the previous owner didn’t tend to the tree much over the past few years, so branches grew longer than they should have, and the end result is many tiny apples.


So many apples. But toss them in a crock pot with some sugar and you’re good. I just core them, leaving the skin on. Once they’ve cooked on low overnight I just puree them with an immersion blender.


Voila – apple butter. I made apple butter meringue bars with some of the apple butter, which was a big hit.

  1. Great idea. Never thought of using the crock pot with apples.

  2. I had a pear tree in the yard as a kid… My dad used to make me clean up all the rotten fruit all summer… I gag thinking about it. I want an apple tree in my yard too though…

    • Ah, see I am thinking of adding a pear tree. I like pears a lot more than apples. Basically, I want an edible yard.

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