Yoshi Sushi


Went to Yoshi Sushi for dinner one night. Latham. Sushi. One of my girlfriends likes it, so figured we’d try it out. It’d been a while since I’d been there last.


They wound up giving us soups and salads for free. Maybe because it was the end of the night? Miso soup leaned more toward the red miso type than the sweet yellow miso, but still light overall.


I’m just not super crazy about sushi from Yoshi. It was fine, but not super flavorful.

I got a salmon skin roll with salmon on top and a caviar roll. The salmon skin wasn’t crispy inside despite being cooked/toasted, and the salmon on top didn’t have a noticeable salmon flavor, mainly texture. The rice wasn’t very sticky and the rolls had a hard time staying together.

Overall, it’s fine to scratch a sushi itch and I’ll go here with friends, but I will likely not go back here for sushi on my own.

Serivce was very nice, friendly and accommodating. Which is kind of what kills me – it’s hard to get good service in the area sometimes. Service is incredibly important – poor service and great food can drive away customers. But great service won’t pull customers when flavor falls flat.

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