When I put my mind to something, I feel like I can do almost anything. Maybe it’s the power of positivity, maybe it’s foolish stubbornness. But canele, among other things, have been on my mind lately. I was going to make them, and damnit. There was no other option. Canneles FTW.

I used this recipe from the Kitchn. I’m happy with it. Overall, I could have let them bake a little longer, but they were rich custardy cakes all the same. The Kitchn’s recipe made enough to fill two of these medium-sized cannele molds molds.

P1020686The first step was to use the food processor to combine the butter, flour, sugar, salt and egg yolks until it looked like this. I had to use 5 egg yolks instead of the 4 in their recipe, but my yolks are only large and not extra-large.


Milk and vanilla bean heating to 183F. This candy thermometer was crap and read much lower than it actually was. The instant-read thermometer was much more accurate.

Once the milk and vanilla bean are hot, scrape as much of the vanilla bean seeds out (the bean will soften while heating in the milk), then put the milk+vanilla seed mixture into the food processor with the egg yolk batter and process for a little until it’s a liquid batter.

Then that sits in the fridge for 24-48 hours.


And then it’s time to bake them! I tried doing a traditional coating of beeswax & butter, but I think I’m going to skip it next time. It was a pain to work with, killed my pastry brush, and I didn’t notice all that much of an addition in flavor to merit adding it again in the future.


These molds are so little, but they bake for 45+ minutes. You’d think they’d dry out or burn, but not really. These look kind of dark, but they didn’t actually brown that much.


See? Not very much browning on the edges. But, I was surprised at how well the silicone mold crisped the exterior. The night I made them, they had a crunchy exterior before giving way to the custard-y interior. The next day, they were still pretty darned tasty, but no more crispy exterior.

I borrowed the mold from Mssr. Barre, hoping more for the shape than the crust, but was impressed at how crisp the fresh canneles were a few hours out of the oven. Seb’s feedback was that they weren’t as burnished as proper cannele should be, but were a 9/10, with room for improvement as mini cakes.

P1020714Bon Nuit!

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