I went to my mom’s for Thanksgiving this year. 2013 has given me a lot of time to reflect. How about you? Some years just breeze by, others crawl. I feel like this year has been one of those years that makes me realize exactly how much time has passed.

Like Buddy, above there – I was in 9th grade when he joined the family. My mom mentioned his age, and I really couldn’t believe he was over 10, much less 14 years old. Sometimes you just don’t notice little changes. Like all of my aunts and uncles are now in their 50s. My own memory of them kind of hovers in the 90s, when everyone was in their 30s. When did everyone get so old? (Me included)

Thanksgiving with mom was nice. She had turkey wings for us gals made, and unlike childhood I didn’t get told to eat all of the food on my plate 🙂 (which made have had something to do with the stomach bug I had).


2013 has been a bunch of things for me, mainly all in the form of lessons, and the biggest one I’ve taken away is probably easily summed up with the following acronym:


When stuff gets you down, or gets other people down; relax, assess it, and if it really doesn’t bother you, don’t let the little voice in the back of your head or others’ opinions make you think you *need* to do something and just be happy with yourself.

My health gave me a bunch of trouble this year. But you know what? I dealt with the issues as they arose, and did my best to deal with ’em. So I can’t lift things as heavy as I want to in the gym? IDGAF I will still be an awesome little she-beast and lift lighter things until I am better. Lower back and hips give me problems? Guess what, we’re stretching more.

Power of sisterhood: This year also made me really realize how important the ladies in my life are. There are some things only your lady friends can really understand.

So if the holidays are a time of stress, just think to yourself: IDGAF.

If the house is still standing, you’re good!

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