Maytag Aqualift Electric Oven From Home Depot


So you may have read my first take on my monster oven from Montgomery Ward.
This is the oven that came with the house, and while it was nice to save a few bucks during closing and have something to use, I quickly found out that I needed a new oven for my cooking needs.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t planning on a kitchen renovation quite so soon, so I opted to look for another electric range that wouldn’t drive me crazy until I can renovate the kitchen entirely and get a commercial gas range (Hey, I can dream).


Here’s the oven I pulled from the wall because when I went to Sears they told me I had to tell them the cord type. I found a model I liked at Sear’s, but I found their pricing structure to be annoying. Here’s the price, but then find a coupon online. Oh, but then we add delivery fees and extra fees for this and that, and all of the savings from Sears seemed to get negated with all of the little extras.

Home Depot was having a Black Friday sale in November for the entire month (yeah, I didn’t really get it, but okay) and they had the convection model of the Maytag Aqualift 6.2 cu ft electric oven & range that Sears had. And for a lot less. It wound up being about $777.56 with tax at the end of the day with delivery and removal included. Really decent sale. And my mom helped me cover close to 40% of the cost of the new oven as a housewarming present, so that was pretty sweet.

I went to Home Depot a few times to gawk, and different sales reps each time gushed about how great this model was and how happy customers were with it when I asked them about it. The Sears rep was pretty blase in comparison.


The younger delivery guy’s first reaction was “Oh my god.” The older delivery guy told me he’d moved tons of these exact Montgomery Ward beasts up and down 2nd, 3rd, and higher walkups in the city when he was younger.

It was cool watching them remove it – they both wore harnesses and had a strap that went under the range and on both of their harnesses. They also told me that the Sears sales rep shouldn’t have told me to move the oven and specify outlet type because they always have both models on hand, and their company delivers/installs ovens and ranges for Home Depot, Sears, and pretty much all of the big box stores in the area. Nice to know.

Behind the scenes. I had time to grab the shopvac and clean up all of that before the new oven got installed.

They were really focused on getting the trip guard installed, which I found a little pointless for me, but maybe it was their company really pushing it. They mentioned it several times during setup, and even had to call and verify that it was set up, and I had to confirm.


Ahh, all nice and shiny and new. The delivery guy said I should take the protective coatings off within an hour, otherwise it could damage the oven cosmetically and leave residue. All of my other Asians out there know how much we hate removing the protective film! I didn’t want to, but for the cosmetic beauty of the oven, I did it, hahaha.

Tada! All shiny and new! The 6.2 cu ft interior of the oven has been such a huge improvement over the old teensy interior of the Montgomery Ward oven. I’ve had it about a month, and overall I’m happy with my purchase.

I wasn’t too crazy about the glass stove top range, but it’s nice not having “pockets” to clean or collect grime. It came with a special cleaning product that helps keep it shiny and new looking. I’ve put some marks on the burner lines, likely from stuff baked/cooked into the bottom of my older pans. But so far I haven’t really noticed any scratches.


The Aqualift technology makes it easier to clean the oven interior on the fly. One of the things I really like about this oven is that there is no heating coil on the bottom. It’s porcelain interior, so I can  only scrub with special pads, and mainly use Mr. Clean magic sponges to clean it. Sometimes it can take a while to clean, but most of the stuff does get cleaned off. But sadly I’ve defiled it recently and have baked turkey wing grease into one corner that 30 minutes of scrubbing/rubbing couldn’t get off.

But overall, using the convection setting is great – I just lower my temperature about 25-30F for baked goods and shorten the cooking time. Cookies have been turning out wonderfully – crumbly shortbread with almost NO browning on the bottom, woo hoo! Roasted chicken comes out amazingly moist and evenly cooked. I am a convection convert – it really does cook food more evenly and faster.

The cat was even a fan of the oven when it first came in. Here’s a shot of her jumping on to the oven door… :X Kitty, nooooo. I’m not that guy!

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  1. Court said:

    What a pretty new kitchen toy!

    BTW I’m delighting in your home stuff posts because I have a feeling I’ll be doing my own soon

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