Chocolate Chili Creme Brulee


Valentine’s is coming up, and I’ve got just the thing to make to spice up your night!

No, seriously – it’ll add some heat (and really, in this chilly weather, let’s add heat where we can).


Start off with some dried chili peppers and seeds, a nub of cinnamon and 6 oz of cream in a pot on the stove. Heat it on low, covered, until you see some bubbles start on the side. If you want to really infuse the cream with some pepper flavor, keep your heat on low and let it take a while to bubble slightly, like 20 minutes. At this point, you can take it off the heat entirely and let it infuse longer, or continue on to the next step:


Add the chocolate! Add about 2 oz dark chocolate to the hot cream mixture and stir until it looks like REALLY bangin’ hot chocolate. You could just have really awesome hot chocolate at this point.

Or you could take three egg yolks, beat them with a tablespoon or two of sugar (depending on your sweetness preference), and then slowly add the chili chocolate cream to the eggs (temper, temper, temper) and bam!  You’re done. I strained my cream mixture to get the chili seeds out.


Unbaked cremes in oven-safe containers sitting in a water bath. Pop them in an oven for about 25 minutes at 300F (285F if you’ve got a convection oven). The tops will firm up, though the creme will still have a bit of a wiggle if you shake the pan.


All set! A slight skin on the top, but wiggly creme underneath.


Sprinkle with some sugar on top.


And then blast it with a blowtorch. I have a mini torch for bruleeing.


You can eat this now while it’s warm, or refrigerate for later. I liked the heat with the cream.

Albany John thought it tasted like those cinnamon hearts you get on Valentine’s Day. And when I said “Aww, really?” in a bummed out tone he quickly added “I really LIKE those cinnamon hearts, though. This is like a really good version of it.” haha. He has a higher heat tolerance than I do, so I thought these had a nice chili kick to the creamy chocolate.


Quick Recipe Recap:

6 oz cream
Chili peppers (including flakes)
Cinnamon stick
2 oz chocolate
1-2T sugar
3 egg yolks

Cream + chili peppers + cinnamon stick in a pot over low heat until bubbles form around the side (lid on).
Add chocolate and mix until blended with heat on.

Take off heat

In a separate bowl, beat egg yolks and sugar together (you don’t want it foamy, just beat it for a minute or two until combined).

Add a bit of the hot cream to the egg mixture in intervals to temper the eggs, otherwise the eggs will cook if you add the hot cream all at once.

Fill two small bowls with this delicious mixture.

Put the bowls in a water bath, bake 300F until the tops have set but the creme still wobbles a bit (~20 minutes, depending on the size of your bowls).

Sprinkle sugar on top, torch, enjoy!

  1. Wow, this sounds fun to try! I actually just made spicy brownies and found it so interesting that you couldn’t actually taste the chili in the brownie, you sort of feel it on your breath after you eat it. Was it the same for your brulee?

    • Good comparison! Yes, I’d say I had a similar experience. The initial flavor is creamy chocolate, and then a second later you get this hot tingle thing going on.

  2. Court said:

    What fun! I’m totally jealous that you have a mini torch for such things.

    Maybe if I made this Frank would let me get one 🙂

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