Winter Nesting


I’ve managed to pick up just about every bug out there this winter, and evidently what I tend to do when I can’t do much of anything else is bake. I’m home-bound. Nothing else to do. Small burst of energy to normal levels. It does feel cozy and satisfying to be baking things in my own little place throughout the winter, but I’d gladly change out my immune system so I could try snowboarding this season (I’ve gotten sick every time I planned on going!).

Any way, here is some bread. I’ve been baking bread like crazy. Not eating all of it, but putting a good dent in it (the Latham birds grudgingly accept stale bread and will eat it within a few days). The loaf above was a simple artisan bread in 5 type recipe, but I’ve been playing with pain a l’ancienne and some baguettes as well, with decent results.


King Arthur Flour Hermit bars as a breakfast treat for the husbear one morning. They hit all of his old man flavor favorites – molasses, golden raisins, and lots of chew.


These froze up quite nicely, too.


Venison turned into jerky. My uncle was nice enough to give me some venison (quite a lot of it, actually), and I haven’t been all that into it lately, but I have been all about jerky. Flavored that up with some soy sauce and other random spices at home, let it sit for a day in the fridge.


Then put the convection oven on its lowest setting, which is about 170F.

P1040143Final product after a few hours in the oven. Pretty decent jerky, had me wishing I’d written down what I put in the jerky marinade.

Any way, I’m at least glad for some sort of productivity during my winter funks. Although I would much rather swap it for a better immune system. I’ve been stubbornly trying to keep up with my normal activities all winter long, but I am finally resigning to the reality of my weakened immune system this winter. Still, I remain upbeat – spring will be here soon and the warmer weather will do me good. I choose to find joy in the small things instead of defeat (I will never be defeated!). I can still bake, I have friends to share my baking with, and I am warm and cozy in my very own little house this winter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, this Ghostbusters marathon isn’t going to watch itself.

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  1. You need to eat a bunch of yogurt to get the intestinal flora going.

    Failing that, let me know if you want some of my sourdough starter. Or I can bring to the swap at Healthy Living tomorrow night.

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