A Reflection on 10 Years as an Adult

So I’ve legally been an adult for 10 years now. Here are some reflections and a note to my 18-year old self:

The first few years felt tough, but you get over it. You feel like you won’t find a place in the world, or your “thing”, but you do. It’ll just take longer than you think it will, but you’ll get there.

Also, you never really get “there” because you’re always changing and evolving. You keep learning and the more you learn, the less you realize you know. It’s humbling and awesome. Keep trying to be a better person. We still need to work on the whole “empathy” thing, but maybe in 10 years we’ll have some positive change to report back on.

Friendships change, people change, priorities change, death happens. Enjoy the moment, you can’t change everything.

You bought a house. Seriously!

This blogging thing is awesome – you would not believe how many awesome things happen just from spewing out words on the internet. Seriously, so many awesome things.

You get to have fun, crazy hair! And it gets thicker in your late 20s. Or it might just be that new awesome stylist you found. But maybe both. Still, hope this stylist doesn’t leave town any time soon.

You would not believe how much more freedom you have in your late 20s versus your early 20s. Early 20s = “OMG, I am going to be broke forever.”. Late 20s = still budget conscious, but you get to have fun every now and again, like going out for dinner with friends once or twice a week without having to insanely budget, or buying new sneakers when you want to.

You’ll have a different perspective on weight than a lot of people you encounter. You’re smaller now than when you were in high school. You’re not super tiny, but some folks will call you that. It’s flattering, but you’ve also developed a passion for fitness, so you do work for it (though it feels more like play). It may be the glibness of being thinner, but you really don’t give a crap about what you weigh or what size you are because you realize you’re one heck of a lady regardless of your size/weight.

You’re still not entirely sure if you want to birth your own kids, though you’re opening up to the idea of caring for them and having them around your house (probably hormones, but also a bit of realizing the world is larger than you and your parents would like to have another new little life in the family).

Still haven’t found a vacation city that tops Montreal. You’ve traveled to a bunch of places, but there is something about Montreal that is just awesome.

Stay Hungry Kid,

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  1. Court said:

    Love this letter. Great job. 🙂

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