Moroccan Honey, Four Fat Fowl Cheese

P1050320 P1050321 P1050322

Two of my friends went Morocco for a few weeks and came back with loads of goodies for me. One of these goodies was a sleeve of different types of honey that is produced in Moroco. They don’t have large flowers here like we do in the US, but herbs and small shrubbery that have flowers bees can eat. I really liked the lavender honey. It was very subtle. The Mountain honey one one of my favorites, right along with Euphorbe (which seems to translate to Euphoriba, which refers to an entire genus of plants).

P1050324 P1050325


Eucalyptus even went surprisingly well with Four Fat Fowl’s St Stephen cheese, which I picked up at the Co-Op one night.

The only two that were good on their own but not with this cheese were the orange blossom and the thyme. For me, creamy citrus flavors are not great as a whole, so you may like this combo. The thyme was just so bold and beautiful on its own, the St Stephen just couldn’t hang.

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